Ashtadhatu navgrah yantra


Ashtadhatu  navgrah yantra

This Yantra is a combined Yantra for all the nine planets and is divided into nine squares, each one with a talisman representing one planet. It is an extremely useful & beneficial Yantra, since it’s worship strengthens benefic planets & increases their positive influence and pacifies malefic planets & neutralizes their negative effect. This Yantra is recommended for all, particularly those whose planets are detrimental or malefic as per horoscope. This Yantra should be worshipped life-long to ensure that you always get maximum advantage from your planets.

Beej Mantra for this Yantra  :-

Om Suryae Namah, Chandrae Namah, Budhae Namah,
                                     Brahaspatiae Namah, Mangale Namah, Shukrae Namah,
                        Sani Ae Namah, Rahu Ae Namah, Ketu Ae Namah, Navgarahe Namah”

Embossed on ashtadhatu plate.

We provide Yantras that are Energized (Pran Pratishta) by learned Purohits, by reciting the Vedic mantra of the particular Devi or Deva along with the Homa done.

Astrogems Offers Ashtadhatu  navgrah yantra are highly energized with puja-path and rituals so hurry up and buy now Ashtadhatu  navgrah yantra.


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