Ingot Golden


Ingot Golden

In Feng Shui terms, they are regarded as the symbol of wealth and fortune.

The character on the gold ingot means “Welcoming and Bringing in Wealth”.

Golden ingote pute in your safe ,Cash counter or your Locker.Multiply your wealth and gold . 

You can place the gold ingots in Southeast corner of your living or family rooms, offices or business premises to activate the wealth sector based on thePakua 8 Aspirations Life Theory and thus attract money luck. It can also be used to energize mentor luck in the Northeast sector.


Gold ingots are potent symbols of wealth attainment. Other than the fact that its shape is strongly Oriental in nature and looks quite beautiful, the Chinese have deep faith in the image of the gold ingot since they have long believed that these venerable nuggets can assist in achieving wealth and status.

The Wealth-Ushering Gold Ingot is made of metal, polished in high gold shine and sits atop its own carved platform. The top of the gold ingot spells “Zhao Cai Jing Bao”, that when translated to English literally means “ushering in wealth prosperity”.

This Feng Shui item is perfect for office spaces and homes alike. Ensure that you place this item prominently to achieve the best results.

You can even use it as a weight for your lottery tickets to enhance your luck

Golden ingot pute in your safe ,Cash counter or your Locker.Multiply your wealth and gold . 

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