Crystal Rough Stone 7Chakra


Crystal Rough Stone 7chakra

All types of Crystal Tumble Stones, Rough Stones/Pebbles available at wholesale Price. Following Crystal types available :
White Quartz
Rose Quartz
Red Jasper
Yellow Jasper
Green Jade
Blood Stone
Moon Stone
Lapiz Luzuli
Black Tourmaline
Tiger’s Eye
It is the power of one’s intention that drives the energy of a wand,  so it is a good idea to program your wand for its intended purpose,  especially if it is specific. For example, if you want some crystal help with lowering your high blood pressure,  you might choose a stone such as tourmaline, as it helps with many types of blood conditions. But tourmaline is also beneficial for many other areas of the body ,  as well as for many other types of ailments (earache, insomnia, laryngitis,  and epilepsy to name a few). And so you may wish to give your tourmaline specific programming so that its energy is focused on lowering your blood pressure. If you have chosen a stone whose healing properties fit well to your intention,  the wand should readily and easily accept programming. (Read more about how to program a gemstone or crystal).
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